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With a measuring tape, you can easily mark out your interior to visualise the carpet. It's not always easy to know how big your carpet should be. But don't worry, we have some handy tips for you to find the right size. Happy styling!

A rug for your livingroom?

We recommend placing the carpet completely under the sofa, with about 20-30cm excess space on all sides for a balanced look, while leaving at least 20cm of space free from the wall. If space is limited, you can at least let the furniture's front legs rest on the carpet for a connected feeling between furniture pieces and comfort.

How to measure carpet dimensions with organic carpets in a living room.

A rug for your bedroom maker?

For a balanced look where the bed and other furniture rest fully on the carpet, it is recommended to provide about 40-80 cm extra space on each side. For example, a 140x200cm bed will fit well on a 200x300cm carpet, leaving 80cm of carpet on both sides. For a double bed (180cmx200cm), a 200x300cm carpet is also suitable, as shown below. And for a visually extended effect, the carpet can be placed about a third under the bed.

How to measure carpet dimensions with organic carpets in a bedroom.


 A carpet for under a table?

To prevent chairs from sliding off the carpet, measure the extra space between the back legs of the chairs and the edge of the table, ideally 75 to 100cm longer and wider than the table. If space is limited, an extra 50cm can be added. So be sure to take this into account when there are chairs at the head of the table!

How to measure carpet dimensions with organic carpets under a table.

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