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If you live in Belgium or the Netherlands, the carpet will be produced within four weeks
delivered. We also deliver to other European neighboring countries on request.

Update emails will be sent to keep you informed about the order.

Let us do the work and soon your carpet will automatically roll your way!

We make each carpet to order because we have almost no stock. After 24 hours you can no longer cancel this order.

If there is something wrong with the carpet you have received, please let us know at and we will look for a solution together.

Our carpets are of premium quality and therefore intended to last a very long time.
Because they fall under class 33, they are resistant to intensive use, provided they are properly maintained.

Do you still want to replace your carpet? Scan the QR code on the carpet label and we will collect it for you so that waste is avoided and we can give it a new life.
Circularity it is!

Certainly! Our collections have standard sizes, but if you need something slightly different, we agree
definitely ready for you. Please feel free to contact one of our stores and ask for a custom-made carpet. They are happy to help you!

Your carpet will come your way with ease!

Do you live near Ghent? Then there is a chance that Jozefien Forton will personally visit you to deliver and unpack your carpet. Wondering what the Maison Forton's will look like in your interior!

Do you live a little further away? The carpet will be delivered to you, but we cannot guarantee unpacking.

Our carpets are made of premium quality and are therefore very resistant.
Like any carpet, you must maintain it properly for the longest possible lifespan. Read everything about stains and maintenance here.

You may not believe it, but our carpets are easy to maintain
completely pet-proof.

Simply vacuum regularly to remove all hairs, you can easily remove any stains (be sure to read our stain guide) and
claws don't stand a chance of causing damage.

Your furry friends and our carpet go hand in hand, without any fuss!

Floor heating
proof! Place the carpet on your floor without any worries, with or without heating.

Allergies do not come from carpets, rather from particles trapped in the carpet, such as dust, pollen or dust mites. But, since our carpets are not deep pile, the chance is very minimal.

It's still good to have carpets
vacuum regularly and keep it clean to reduce the risk of allergens.

♡ Soft and resilient yarn: soft and strong! Annoying prints from chair or table legs will always bounce back after a while, for example by vacuuming your carpet.

♡ Premium quality: high-quality materials and finish. Affordable luxury, also for the next generation!

♡ Non-slip and underfloor heating proof

♡ Easy to maintain and anti-dust mites: easy to maintain because the fibers in the core are colored. You can tackle stains in no time!

We make each carpet to order because we have almost no stock.
You cannot cancel an order after 24 hours. If something is wrong
with the carpet you received, please let us know and then we will take a look
we will find a solution together.