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Meet the founder behind the brand

Jozefien Forton, founder duurzaam tapijtmerk, op stoel met zacht vloerkleed op achtergrond.

About the carpets and vision of Maison Forton

Meet Jozefien Forton, Circular Executive Officer and founders behind the sustainable brand.

How Jozefien would describe it himself: "I'm Jozefien, and I love carpets! (No really, I do! I only realized that after changing jobs.)"
For 7 years she traveled with a heavy suitcase full of carpets through Scandinavia, the Benelux and the south of Europe to help customers put together their new collections and products. And that carpet had become her great love over all those years!
And there's more! Her second great passion is sustainability, and no, it doesn't involve goat's wool socks! After reading Gunther Pauli's "Blue Economy", Jozefien had an 'aha moment'. It felt like sustainability and economics could go hand in hand. So, in recent years she delved deeper into the world of sustainability.
In 2023, Jozefien was selected as an entrepreneur to be part of the Circular Kickstart , completely immersing herself in circularity . There she heard about the Club of Rome, which in 1972 published the report ' Limits to Growth ', claiming that there are limits to our growth due to excessive consumption of raw materials (just think of how often we replace our telephones, for example).
And then? Well, her passion flared even more. She wanted to investigate how Maison Forton as a carpet brand can lead the way by using these scarce raw materials smartly .
The target? "That our carpet continues to circle endlessly on our European continent, which is not exactly abundant when it comes to raw materials and waste.
So, let's discover new ecosystems and create endless loops." Jozefien certainly does not stand for sustainable perfection, but she does want to consume consciously, or consume less perhaps? Less and better! She simply thinks that things can be better with our interior, and with carpets in particular. Too often we are not aware of the origin and greenwashing is done. New Zealand wool is processed into a carpet in India and then comes to Europe by plane. too much, not to mention the working conditions and local environmental impact.
So she got to work! Finding suppliers, testing quality, putting together colors, ... the adventure started in 2022 . After a year of development, she proudly introduced Rounded 01 in September 2023.
for, a collection that was created in small steps, under the approving eye of her boyfriend and their two daughters.
In the meantime, time flies and we at Maison Forton are looking forward to what the coming years will bring us. Would you like to join forces or give our carpet a place in your home or project? Let us hear from you and fill out the form on the contact page . We are looking forward to!


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