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SOS Which carpet suits my interior?

Interieur parket vloer, rechthoekig tapijt met afgeronde hoeken en bijzettafel.

Carpet guide

When you choose a carpet, it should really reflect your style and personality. But hey, we understand that it can sometimes be difficult to imagine how something will fit into your interior. That's why we've created a step-by-step guide so you can find exactly what suits you.

Ready for the gentle revolution? Let's go!

♡ The perfect match with your sofa

Order your samples here (LINK). Match the three basic colors with your sofa to see which combination you like best. Create a subtle contrast by going a shade darker or lighter than your sofa. Or just go for a tone-on-tone look. A beige shade (beach), a more white color (tender) or a darker gray color (stone), the choice is yours. Above all, follow your gut feeling, you know best what you like!

Interior inspiration with sofa, 300x400 durable white carpet and interior objects.

♡ Which carpet in which room?

Maison Forton's carpets are short pile and of premium quality, which means that they fit perfectly in different rooms in the house! The main thing is that everything looks harmonious.

IMPORTANT ! All our carpets have a recycled non-slip backing, which means they can be placed in all areas of the house without anything slipping. It greatly simplifies vacuuming and prevents rolled corners.

The living room, of course !

Top view living room with large circular carpet on concrete floor and people in armchairs.

Seating areas are the ultimate place to create a cozy cocoon. A carpet that fits your entire sofa gives structure to the living space and defines the seating area. If you prefer a slightly smaller size, you can go for a carpet on which only the front legs of the seat rest. You can also place several carpets together to create a large whole, so that you have cozy feet everywhere.

The bedroom, under your bed

Bedroom with bed and interior objects, on a custom-made ecological carpet from Maison Forton.

Maison Forton stands for softness, and who wouldn't want that in the bedroom? It provides comfort and also has a sound-absorbing effect. And warm feet when you get up, of course!

The dining room and under your desk

Top view durable carpet on parquet floor and shoes of sitting woman in wicker chair.

It is best to choose a large enough carpet for the dining table and the desk with extendable chairs. Our short-pile carpets make sliding in and out easier and maintenance is also easier. A carpet under the table provides atmosphere and comfort. The color (and certainly the typical Maison Forton edge color!) is a determining factor that adds character to the entire space. And even when you're working from home, leave your shoes aside so you can crawl behind your computer with soft feet. Demarcate your workspace with a shape of your choice and turn it into a space full of character.

♡ Get creative with accents

Personalize! What we like so much at Maison Forton is that you can choose which color edge completes your carpet. Do you opt for a soft or bold accent? The choice is yours.

Sample set Maison Forton recycled materials, 100% econyl, on side table.

Our sample package contains a selection of the different finishing edges that complete your carpet. Fold the ribbon in half lengthwise with the label on the inside and match it to the carpet swatch. A nice nod to the colors in your interior. The edge of tone-on-tone colors, such as Stone with Stone edge, is always a little darker than the carpet. This makes it seem as if the edge even disappears.

♡ Your floor also wants something

Each carpet differs in look on a different type of floor. Here are suggestions for how our carpets are most often chosen on different floor types:

Collage carpet colors on different floor types.
  • Concrete floor in a gray shade? Then we recommend our Stone (dark gray) color for a tone-on-tone look. If you prefer a lighter carpet, we recommend Tender as a contrast.
  • White floor? Tender as a tone-on-tone effect = big yes!
  • Wooden floor? Beach has a warm light brown touch, making it a perfect blend as a warm tone on tone look. Do you prefer a little more contrast and do you like light colors? Tender is the perfect solution here. The darker your floor, the greater the contrast.
  • Black floor? Stone fits well here as a lighter contrast with a colorful edge.

Place the samples on the floor, exactly where your carpet will be placed. This way you can immediately see how it combines with your floor. Feel free (and encouraged) to touch and caress it… oh my gosh, it's so soft! Let your feelings speak and see what suits your space best.

♡ Your carpet lives with you

Walk around the samples. Do you see the material coming to life? You might immediately notice the elegant matte side. And when the light hits it, you suddenly see a subtle shine appear. That carpet really brings life to your space. And when you walk on it, it lives with you and your life.

♡ The perfect size

Choose the size. It is best to read our size guide for more detailed tips. Do our standard sizes not fit perfectly in your interior? Then request your personalized sizes at one of our stores. We are happy to help you!

♡ Day and night

If you want to put the decision aside for a while (literally!), keep an eye on the sample for 24 hours and see how beautifully it changes from morning light to sunset. Light really has a playful influence on your carpet. It can make the colors shine and bring the textures to life.

♡ Home run!

Now that you know what makes your heart beat faster, you can make your dream carpet a reality. Order and receive your unique carpet within four weeks, tailor-made for you with love!

♡ Recycle

You can return the samples or simply give them a second life. Then use it in a fun way as a mat or as a rug in the dollhouse of the children in the family. Feel free to use your creativity!

Too much stress about choosing and still need advice? We are here to help you! ♡

Contact us at

Thank you for choosing Maison Forton & have fun putting it together.

As a gentle revolutionary, we make the world more beautiful together!

Tender colored durable carpet on wooden floor, with a reading woman sitting on it and a houseplant.


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