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Maison Forton was born out of a passion for beautiful interior decor objects and local craftsmanship. Together interior designers, we developed a unique rug with an eye for detail and a much, much lower ecological footprint, without the slightest concessions to beauty or quality. Thanks to our local production facilities, we can offer fast and personalised custom work that echoes the colour scheme of your interior.

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Our custom rugs

We associate round shapes with softness and femininity, also in our home furnishing. Combining playful right angles and rounded corners lets you create a softer dynamic in your interior. The rugs in Maison Forton’s first collection – Rounded 01. – have beautifully rounded corners and subtle binding in one of our coloured borders.

Create your own rug with rounded corners, with colourful edging that whimsically reflects your interior.

Discover Rounded 01.

Ecologically friendly rugs for a more beautiful world



Thanks to the fact that we use recycled yarn, 22 kg of waste can be given a second life in a rug measuring 240x330


We use any scraps left over from this process to make our samples, and leaving our rugs unshaved means 850 grams less waste


10x less distance travelled by our rugs than that of a rug imported by air from Asia, our rugs are 100% made in the Benelux area.

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